Mailzeet provides an infrastructure for businesses and developers to send transactional mail with reliability and traceability. This documentation offers an in-depth overview of the Mailzeet API and serves as a guide for its integration and usage.

The documentation is straightforward, starting with an introduction to mail server setup, then authentication, then the format of responses and errors, and the principal endpoint to send an email. You will also find documentation for the SDKs written in different programming languages.

Help and Support

Mailzeet is designed to provide easy user interaction, but we understand that questions and challenges may occur. Here's how you can access our support:


For any issues with Mailzeet integration, contact our support team via email. We can assist with configuration issues, API calls, or feature comprehension.


Your feedback is invaluable in improving Mailzeet. We encourage suggestions for new features, improvements, or documentation changes. Provide feedback via the form in your account dashboard or the feedback link in this documentation.

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